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Blue Flag reprieve claims "it’s a guarantee that you’ve arrived at a clean, safe and beautiful beach". says "We have no dog information for Tywyn beach" and goes on to mention the beachside toilets (demolished ages ago). correctly states "The promenade has a paddling pool" but omits mentioning the plug hasn't been in it for years, despite negative media publicity about the county council who do put up some weirdly translated signage. Complain, but they don't live around this way, and none of these bodies warns promenaders, young or old, that somebody in a house across the road is webcasting their every movement. **STOP PRESS** A plug has at last been found for the pool.

Dog owners snapped (she's spotted the photographer and is gesticulating to the handler to go back and hide on the main beach). Nice for dogs to have fun, but sands and children on them need to be safe from long-term health risks.

Dogs on Tywyn Beach

"Dim or not?"

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